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販売元 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
製品タイプ Antibody - Monoclonal
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Hamster anti Mouse CD11c antibody, clone N418 used for the detection of CD11c expressing cells in mouse spleen by immunofluorescence.
Image caption:
Mannose receptor positive and negative APC subsets identified by immunofluorescence microscopy. Tissues were examined by immunofluorescence microscopy for MR expression and other APC phenotypic markers in dual-labeled specimens as indicated. MR was detected using MR6F3A488 mAb. Images of each antigen labelling are shown separately in gray-scale, and merged in colour, in some cases with nuclear counterstaining shown in blue. Colocalisation of red and green is indicated by yellow. Examples of MHC class II-positive APC which coexppress MR are indicated with arrows. These constitute a subset of APC in the skin, liver, tongue and heart. No background was detected with an irrelevant IgG2aA488 negative control (shown in the spleen inset of MR-labeling only). Background labeling due to secondary Abs alone was also not detected in control sections (shown for anti-hamster IgG in the spleen inset of CD11c labeling only). Scale bars are indicated in MR-labeled panels only, and are 100μm.

From: Linehan SA. The mannose receptor is expressed by subsets of APC in non-lymphoid organs.
BMC Immunol. 2005 Feb 8;6:4.

ハムスター抗マウスCD11c抗体、クローンN418は、ベータ2インテグリンファミリーの150 / 90kDaメンバーであるインテグリンアルファXとしても知られるヒトCD11cのマウスホモログを認識します。 マウスでは、CD11cは主に樹状細胞によって発現されます。

ハムスター抗マウスCD11c抗体であるクローンN418は、in vivoで樹状細胞を標的とする場合に抗原特異的応答を増強することが報告されています(Wang et al.2000)。
価格 ¥77,000
カタログ番号 MCA1369
容量 0.25 mg
用途 Flow Cytometry, Snap Frozen, Acetone Fixed Immunohistological Sections, Immunoprecipitation, Immunofluorescence
フォーマット / 標識 Purified
交差性 Mouse
クローン N418
免疫動物 Hamster
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